Aug 30th, 2014

i wanna cut my hair i wanna dye it dark i wanna cover my arms in flower tattoos i wanna lose ten pounds i wanna kiss somebody or at least have a meaningful conversation i wanna go home i wanna be in minneapolis i wanna be anywhere but here but while i’m here i guess it’s not actually that bad of a place to be

Aug 29th, 2014

i really really really really really want this new job

Aug 28th, 2014

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Aug 28th, 2014
Aug 26th, 2014

i have nothing interesting to say!

Aug 25th, 2014

to do:

  • plan my NYC trip
  • sew sew sew
  • find a new job
  • let my knee heal
  • mail Emma’s present
  • see some more OSF shows
  • memorize Titus lines
  • Marissa’s wedding!
  • blechhhh

Aug 23rd, 2014
I made this absolutely ridiculous jumpsuit today in two hours. It’s backless and I will probably never wear it!
Aug 22nd, 2014

today i scraped my knee open after falling off my bike. lots of blood and bandaids and now my knee is swollen and i am limping???

Aug 22nd, 2014
Outfits To Date a Rapper In, part I of ?

sorry not sorry my blog is turning into entirely pictures of my face
Aug 20th, 2014